Stop ASF: Public and private partnering for success

Event Agenda

Day 1 :

Jun 14, 2021
22:00 - 22:10
Enhancing public private partnership by structured approach
In this video, Dr Monique Eloit, OIE DG, presents the importance of strong partnerships between the public and private sectors at all stages of ASF control. She highlights the need for a structured approach, including a strong foundation of Veterinary Services, mobilisation of stakeholders external to the VS and win-win partnerships.
MoniqueEloit (OIE)
22:10 - 22:20
Public-Private partnership. The vision of the private sector
In this video, Guillaume Roué, President of the International Meat Society, presents the majors challenges of the ASF crisis that impacts different segments of the private sector and requires a coordinated answer from private and public sectors.
GuillaumeROUE (International Meat Secretariat)
22:20 - 22:30
Public-Private partnerships in driving the development of sustainable agriculture and food systems
In this video, Beth Bechdol, Deputy Director General of FAO, presents the FAO’s strategy for the development of public private partnership (PPP) to contribute to sustainable development goals. She illustrates with key activities including the “Connect portal” to enhance networking between sectors, the development of specific ASF PPP activities in Ukraine or India and the PPP development programme associated to FAST strategy of the EU-FMD.
BethBechdol (FAO)
22:30 - 22:40
African swine fever control in smallholder Pig Value chains: examples from Uganda and India
In this video, Michel Dione, veterinary epidemiologist at ILRI, illustrates the diversity of the pig value chain based on two examples (Uganda and India) and he illustrates how good understanding of the production pattern is determinant to develop adapted answer to support the sector when ASF occurs.
MichelDione (International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI))
22:40 - 22:50
The OIE PPP Handbook “Guidelines for Public-Private Partnerships in the veterinary domain"
In this video, Isabelle Dieuzy Labaye, Senior Advisor at the OIE, presents the OIE handbook on public-private partnership (PPP) which was developed based on a world wide consultation and covers a typology of PPPs and includes many successful stories in the area of transboundary animal disease control.
IsabelleDieuzy-Labaye (World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE))
22:50 - 23:00
ASF Compartmentalization guidelines
In this session, Gregorio Torres (OIE) introduces the concept of compartmentalisation, and gives an overview of the OIE compartmentalisation guidelines for ASF. The guidelines provide Members with a tool to establishing and maintaining an ASF-free swine compartment to facilitate safe trade and promote disease prevention and control, whilst allowing business continuity. Dr Torres also covers briefly the key technical components of the guidelines, including biosecurity, surveillance, roles and responsibilities of public and private actors and the importance of PPP.
GregorioTorres (OIE)
23:00 - 23:10
Get ready for ASF incursion. Simulation exercises
In this video, Daniel Donachie, programme manager at OIE, and Mark Hovari, consultant at FAO, present the principles and different kind of simulation exercises, examples of implementation and incentives to conduct them in collaboration between public and private sectors
DanDonachie (OIE)MarkHovari (FAO REU)
23:10 - 23:20
The role of hunters in ASF control
In this video, Torsten Mörnen, vice-President of the CIC, illustrates the role of the hunters in the control of ASF taking into account the organisation of hunters and capacity to be in contact with veterinary services, their contribution to surveillance, regulation of wild boar population and intensive knowledge of field conditions.
TorstenMörner (International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation - CIC)
23:20 - 23:30
Air transport and Pandemic Resilience Partnerships
In this video, Jon Godson, assistant director at IATA, presents the challenges paused to aerial transport and how a better objectivation of the risk lead to the development of adapted actions, specially to address the threat paused by smuggled animal products.
JonGodson (International Air Transport Association (IATA))
23:30 - 23:40
Feed industry and ASF prevention
In this video, Leah Wilkinson, vice President at AFIA, presents how the American feed industry organised its response to the risk of contamination of feed by the ASF virus and is able to exchange about it at the level of a feed risk Task Force involving representatives from public and private sectors.
LeahWilkinson (American Feed Industry Association)
23:40 - 23:50
The role of veterinary practitioners in ASF control
In this video, Patricia Turner, President of the WVA, presents the challenges of ASF for veterinary practitioners and in particular in terms of detection and prevention of the disease and their role in the collaboration with veterinary services and farmers.
PatriciaTurner (World Vet Association)
23:50 - 00:00
Intersectoral Communication to prevent and control ASF
In this video, Samuel Hinneh, communication officer at the OIE, and Ki Min, communication officer at the FAO, present the challenge of controlling ASF from a communication point of view and awareness campaign material developed and distributed, as well as on-going joint work from FAO and OIE.
SamuelHinneh (World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE))Ki JungMin (FAO)
00:00 - 00:10
Preparedness from the America point of view. The private sector perspective
In this video, Mario Peña, director of CSF eradication area and swine health PorkColombia association, presents the involvement of private sector in activities conducted to enhance the prevention of introduction ASF from contribution to awareness campaign to development of quantitative risk assessment models.
MarioPena (Asociación Porkcolombia)
00:10 - 00:20
ASF Outbreaks: Public Private Partnership South African Experience
In this video, Peter Evans, Head of consumer assurance and veterinary liaison at SAPPO, presents the environment that enables regular exchanges between public and private sector about pig production and animal health issues. He elaborates on the important range of targeted activities SAPPOs is conducting in link with public sector to support ASF prevention and control.
PeterEvans (SAPPO)
00:30 - 00:40
Eradication of ASF in wild boar in Belgium – key success factors
In his presentation, Joris Coenen talks about the detection of ASF in wild boars in Belgium, and the measures taken to eradicate the disease, including key success factors. Mr Coenen also covers the trade restrictions that were applied due to the detection of ASF, and its impacts on the industry.
JorisCoenen (VLAM vzw - Belgian Meat Office)
00:40 - 00:50
The role of PPP in ASF research 
In this session, Denis Kolbasov speaks about the GARA (Global African Swine Fever Research Alliance) and its aim in establishing and sustaining global research partnerships to generate scientific knowledge and tools that may contribute to the successful prevention, control and eradication of ASF. Dr Kolbasov highlights the ASF Gap Analysis workshops organized by the GARA, and how PPP is important in the study of vaccine development for ASF.
DenisKolbasov (Global African Swine Fever Research Alliance (GARA))

Day 2 :

Jun 21, 2021
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10:00 - 12:30
Live technical session
Interaction break
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10:30 - 10:45
Go to the tab "Interactivity" to access French and Spanish version
BethBechdol (FAO)MoniqueEloit (OIE)
10:41 - 10:51
Multi-stakeholders collaboration for sustainable pork production and ASF control
In this session, Nitya Ghotge representing GASL, shares opportunties and examples of collaboration across different stakeholders to enable sustainable pork production whilst achieving ASF control. Go to the tab "Interactivity" to access French and Spanish version
NityaGhotge (ANTHRA)
10:52 - 11:02
Business continuity. The French experience
In this session, Didier Delzescaux, Director of INAPORC, recalls the institutional framework of the partnership between the French veterinary services and the pork interprofession and illustrates how this collaboration made it possible to set up a rapid and adapted response to the emergence of cases of ASF in wild boars near the border with Belgium and to reinforce biosecurity throughout the sector. Go to the tab "Interactivity" to access French and Spanish version
Daniel DidierDelzescaux (INAPORC)
11:03 - 11:13
Public–private partnerships to keep African swine fever at bay. The Canadian experience
In this session, Andrea Ellis of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency shares how the Government of Canada and the pork industry are working together to protect the swine sector and on the steps taken to prevent the entry of ASF to the country. Go to the tab "Interactivity" to access French and Spanish version
TomSmylie (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
11:14 - 11:24
PPP to support small producers. The civil society perspective
In this session, Antoine Lury of Veterinary Sans Frontiers International talks about PPP in supporting small producers along the value chain, the ways these may be facilitated and how it can benefit these producers. Go to the tab "Interactivity" to access French and Spanish version
AntoineLURY (Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF))
11:25 - 11:35
The experience of Asian Development Bank in helping the private sector stop ASF
In this session, Martin Lemoine of the Asian Development Bank talks about external funding of the Asian Development Bank as a PPP catalyser, and their experience in implementing PPP in the swine sector. Go to the tab "Interactivity" to access French and Spanish version
MartinLemoine (Asian Development Bank)
11:36 - 11:56
General question and answers
In this session you will find the general questions raised during the live sessions and the corresponding answers. The content will be progressively completed, keep posted. Go to the tab "Interactivity" to access French and Spanish version
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Day 3 :

Jun 28, 2021
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10:30 - 12:00
Live panel discussion
All panelists will contribute to the three following areas of potential public private partnership: the prevention of ASF, early detection and reporting and effective response
10:30 - 10:40
Opening live panel
KeithSumption (FAO)
10:40 - 12:50
Live panel : PPP for the prevention, early detection and response to ASF
All panelists will contribute to the three following areas of potential public private partnership: the prevention of ASF, early detection and reporting and effective response
IsabelleDieuzy-Labaye (World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE))RichardFrench (Global Animal Health Partners, LLC)JaspinderKomal (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)DirkPfeiffer (City University of Hong Kong and Royal Veterinary College)PacoReviriego Gordejo (EC-SANTE)ZhichunYAN (New Hope Liuhe Group)
11:50 - 12:00
Closing of the event
Jean PhilippeDOP (OIE)
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