Stop ASF: Public and private partnering for success


Zhichun YAN

New Hope Liuhe Group

Consultant, Chief Science Officer


My 30+ year experiences involve in pig production, herd health management, farm planning mostly in China and some in other Asian countries and north America. I consult to several large swine production systems with over three million sows and some consulting work with central government agencies. Graduate degrees in Animal Production and Agribusiness Management in China and the U.S. I started dealing with ASF right after the 1st case report in China. We had completely depopulated several thousands sows by deep burial BUT quickly recognized the problem then developed innovative `precision culling` techniques by new generation test removal technology. Precision culling is now a industry norm to effectively eliminate ASF viruses from infected herds. I also have the honor to participate in OIE ASF compartmentalization expert team.

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